Buying Together

Assessing Your Needs

One of the first things I will ask you to do is discuss in-depth what your needs are along with any other goals that are related to the process. For some people, this can feel invasive; but it is important that I understand very clearly what the motivating factors are and what you need or hope to accomplish through the course of your purchase. My primary goal is to deliver you an asset that meets your immediate needs and increases in value long term.

Defining Expectations

Clearly defined expectations are critical to the success of any relationship. I want my clients to know what they should and shouldn’t expect before they choose to work with me. Prior to moving forward, I will take the time to listen to your thoughts and ideas about the process. Then, after gaining a clear understanding of what your intentions are, you can count on an open conversation about how your expectations related to the current marketplace.

The Process

When expectations are clearly defined, the process has a high rate of efficiency and success. Many of my clients describe their purchase experiences as effortless and streamlined. I do my best to remove any potential challenges and roadblocks by leveraging the depth of my experience. The goal is to see forward into the transaction for my clients, this frequently allows for more options and less stress

The Result

In the end, you will be the new owner of a property that meets and hopefully exceeds your expectations. However, the result that we both care about the most is measured years later when you need to sell that property or acquire another...If I’ve done my job to the standard that we both expect, we will work together again and our relationship will have been built by having earned your trust and delivered results.

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