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I wear a few hats… husband, father, real estate advisor, amateur golfer, aspiring wine and scotch connoisseur, growing philanthropist, avid reader, and student, wannabe world traveller, multi-sport fan, food lover and the list continues to grow.

There's no doubt that I put a lot of time and effort into my business, however; I’m passionate about anything that I like and having a properly balanced life is what makes me happy and successful.

I’ve received a lot of cool awards in my industry but I tend not to talk about them and I definitely don’t have them hanging on a wall anywhere. You’ll never hear me say, “I’m the best” because I don’t believe that I am.

I love to bring positive change to people’s lives… one way I do this is by teaching. In fact, the day I learned to teach, was the day I quit selling. Real Estate just happens to be a great way for me to accomplish what I love.



It's always a pleasure to work with Andrew whether it's buying or selling a home. Andrew is very prompt at providing feedback, answering questions and keeping his clients in the loop after showings. He has a way about him that just simply puts you at ease with his honest and straightforward approach to things. He's very positive yet realistic in his approach which was comforting to us as we recently sold our home in a challenging market. A huge thank you to Andrew for a job well done.

Dan & Donna Becher - Sold 2018