1. Assessing Your Needs

Whether you are hoping to buy or sell property, one of the first things I will ask you to do, is to discuss in depth what your needs are along with any other goals that are related to the process. For some people, this can feel invasive; but it is important that I understand very clearly what the motivating factors are and what you need or hope to accomplish through the course of buying or selling property. One of my primary goals is to protect the value of my client’s assets. I am best able to accomplish this when I have all the necessary information before the process begins.

2. Defining Expectations

Clearly defined expectations are critical to the success of any relationship. I want my clients to know what they should and shouldn’t expect before they choose to work with me. Prior to moving forward, I will take the time to listen to your thoughts and ideas about the process. Then, after gaining a clear understanding of what your intentions are, you can count on an open conversation about how your expectations relate to the current marketplace.

3. Understanding Costs & Services

In the Real Estate Industry, there is no shortage of options available to the consumer. These options represent a wide variety of service levels and related costs. My intention is to provide my clients with the most professional real estate experience while utilizing every valuable tool in the industry to compliment my unique and refined skill set. People who work with me are purchasing two things: access to the best tools the industry has to offer, and exclusive access to me as their agent. Past and current clients will say, with enthusiasm, that having me in their corner is well worth the investment.

4. The Result

Year after year, repeat business and referrals from past and present clients drive over 80% of my business. This accomplishment speaks directly to the experience that my clients have with me and how they feel about it. Negative stories are far too common in this Industry and “rolling the dice” with unproven choices can be risky. Since starting my real estate career in 2003, I have been recognized by the industry and by my peers as one of the top agents in Abbotsford, the Fraser Valley, and even across Western Canada. Now, past achievements are no guarantee of future success; but they tend to be a strong indicator of a person’s commitment to their craft. Many will say that the process with me is the best in the industry; even when the outcome is different from what they expected.

Andrew Bracewell

Who is Andrew Bracewell?

I wear a few hats... husband, father, real estate advisor, amateur golfer, aspiring wine and scotch connoisseur, growing philanthropist, avid reader and student, wanna be world traveller, multi-sport fan, food lover and the list continues to grow.

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