Since 2003, Andrew Bracewell has sold Real Estate in the Fraser Valley in a number of capacities. His various experiences have brought him many levels of success and he has been recognized year after year as one of the best agents in the industry.

Andrew loves to share his unique philosophy with other professionals in the real estate industry as well as business professionals in related fields. Unlike most coaching and training programs, Andrew’s primary goal is not to show you how to do more, how to work harder, or how to make more money; rather, Andrew is convinced that discovering what you believe about yourself and why you believe it, and how that relates to your business, is the key to long term success for any professional and their clients.

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Andrew Bracewell

Who is Andrew Bracewell?

I wear a few hats... husband, father, real estate advisor, amateur golfer, aspiring wine and scotch connoisseur, growing philanthropist, avid reader and student, wanna be world traveller, multi-sport fan, food lover and the list continues to grow.

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