I wear a few hats… husband, father, real estate advisor, amateur golfer, aspiring wine and scotch connoisseur, growing philanthropist, avid reader and student, wanna be world traveller, multi-sport fan, food lover and the list continues to grow.


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  • 13Years Experience
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There’s no doubt that I put a lot of time and effort into my business, however; I’m passionate about anything that I like and having a properly balanced life is what makes me happy and successful.

I’ve received a lot of cool awards in my industry but I tend not to talk about them and I definitely don’t have them hanging on a wall anywhere. You’ll never hear me say, “I’m the best”, because I don’t believe that I am.

It is not my goal to do business with every person who needs my services; it is my goal to do business with people who believe what I believe.

I love to bring positive change to people’s lives… one way I do this is by teaching. In fact, the day I learned to teach, was the day I quit selling. Real Estate just happens to be a great way for me to accomplish what I love.

– Andrew

Andrew Bracewell

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